TIPI was created to fulfill a dream of a single, national pension and benefits plan along with a country-wide property & casualty program for First Nations, Metis, and Indigenous organizations.

AND WE’VE DONE IT! TIPI Insurance Partners is an Indigenous Insurance Brokerage, with strong understanding of the complex insurance needs of Indigenous communities and entities, since 1994. Although our name has changed over the years, our commitment to our clients has not. Our mission is to provide cost efficient and effective insurance solutions to our Indigenous clients. We believe in keeping profits in the communities that we serve.

The basic principles that have guided TIPI since its formation:

Joining together

The idea driving us is for all Indigenous groups to join together — together we are truly stronger. Does it really make sense for each Indigenous organization to go its own way when protecting billions of dollars of housing & infrastructure? Does having over 1,000 separate, retail group insurance & pension plans really provide the best outcomes for our People? Well, how do we make it better?

Lowering costs

Raw Economic Power — that is how it’s done! The unrealized value of all First Peoples’ combined purchasing power is enormous. Let’s use it! Let’s combine our needs for protecting our property. We can put all of our pension money into one plan, and put all our group benefit needs into a single plan.

TIPI / IMI has those plans. They exist today. The results are cost savings, and keeping precious dollars in our communities. TIPI / IMI has created a Canada-wide, Property Program to protect our homes, buildings, and businesses. Lower fees and premiums mean more money for you, your family, your community, and for all Indigenous participants. More wealth means stronger communities and more self-sufficiency for our People. And it gets better. As more join us, our fees and premiums get lower and lower, benefiting everyone!

Creating jobs

TIPI / IMI is creating careers for our People. Indigenous People can do all the jobs currently being performed by others. TIPI / IMI has proven it! We don’t need to outsource these jobs. Let’s put a halt to the extraction of wealth from our communities and create meaningful local employment.

Retaining our wealth

“Economic leakage” from our communities can be reversed. TIPI / IMI is doing just that, but there is still a long way to go. Right now, commissions and fees are leaving most of our communities, never to return. Let’s turn this around to benefit our People. Plain and simple — less money leaving our communities means more money staying, keeping it close to home, and creating the potential to accomplish great things.

Keeping traditional values alive!

By working together in solidarity, we have a stronger voice and the ability to change our own destiny. TIPI / IMI has created new business models that hold more than just the financial bottom-line as valuable, while at the same time, incorporating our traditional values of community and sharing. TIPI / IMI has raised the bar with ethics based on honesty, openness, social responsibility, and regard for the wellbeing of our People.


The TIPI name was chosen for its universal significance to North America’s Indigenous People and its rich history. Based on the Lakota word for “dwelling,” the tipi is both a remarkably evolved shelter, as well as a symbol that embodies and embraces Indigenous values and spiritual teachings. As such, it has become a memorable carrier of identity, heritage, and tradition… and a suitable name and symbol for our aspirations.


Our TIPI Member Services Team will always be available to assist with your Group Insurance & Group Pension Plan needs. Contact us toll-free or by email with any questions or concerns regarding your insurance and/or pension plan and we will gladly lend a hand.